Redness & Sensitivity Bundle


Designed for skin that tends to appear red or feel irritated easily. Gently soothe sensitive skin with this professionally curated set that includes a complete AM/PM regimen.

VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser (6 oz)

AM/PM A creamy, hydrating cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities

ORMEDIC balancing antioxidant serum (1 oz)

AM/PM A balancing serum with organic ingredients that soothe the skin and strengthen its defenses against damage

PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 (3.2 oz)

AM A sheer, daily SPF moisturizer with Digital Aging Defense™ to help fight the effects of blue light

VITAL C hydrating repair crème (2 oz)

AM/PM A rich, skin-quenching crème that melts into the skin, leaving a soft, smooth and hydrated finish

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