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Spring Clean Your Routine

Spring Clean Your Routine

Hello spring sunshine, goodbye cold and dry winter weather!

It has been a long winter and just like your closet is in need of a spring cleaning so is your skincare routine. While we may be more than ready to run right into sunny spring, our skin needs a little more time to adapt. Changes in humidity, sun exposure, and outdoor activity drive the need to change your skincare routine. Now that temperatures are getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to transition your skincare regimen to include more antioxidants, tweak your sun protection, and increase exfoliation to keep your skin glowing and beautiful!

Check out these spring skincare tips to help prepare your skin for the warmer months ahead:


Cold weather wreaks havoc on the skin causing it to be dull and flaky and sensitive no matter how much moisturizer we apply. Not only does exfoliating brighten that dull flakey skin from the cold weather but it helps prevent breakouts! The ORMEDIC balancing gel polisher is gentle enough for everyday use, but strong enough to help skin look brighter, smoother and more radiant with regular use. Keep in mind that as the weather improves so does the tolerance of our skin. It becomes less sensitive and more tolerant of AHA’s like glycolic and lactic acid, so don’t limit yourself to just physical exfoliation. Try AGELESS total anti-aging serum, a great multi-benefit peptide and AHA serum addresses key aging concerns, including the appearance of wrinkles, uneven tone, lack of firmness, and dry skin. It's great for even the most sensitive skins!

Incorporate Antioxidants

Nobody likes pigmentation, especially when it’s sun-induced (sunspots are notoriously difficult to erase). Antioxidants can and should be used year-round, but they are particularly helpful during the spring and summer months to avoid sun damage. Think of it like an insurance policy on your sunscreen - when the skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, free radicals are generated that can damage DNA and accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Topical antioxidants like vitamin C can donate electrons to stabilize the free radicals and decrease sun damage. VITAL C hydrating facial mist, is a new multitasking must-have: a vitamin C facial mist for all-day, every day hydration. This lightweight mist hydrates on-demand, leaving skin with a velvety soft, dewy finish. With antioxidants, vitamin C, and luxe gold sub-microparticles, it helps to shield the skin against daily environmental stressors. It's super refreshing and makes the ingredients in your other products more effective!

Fight Maskne

A common skin struggle this past summer was maskne because the heat can make you sweat under your mask, essentially creating a hot box for the bacteria, dirt, and oil that's trapped underneath it! Being proactive with your home care will prevent nasty maskne. Try these maskne busting products! I MASK purifying probiotic mask, a super-green mask that helps to purify and detoxify the skin while balancing its natural flora and CLEAR CELL restoring serum, a soothing serum that hydrates and soothes blemish-prone skin while absorbing surface oils for a mattifying effect.

Amp up the SPF

Not everyone wears sunscreen during the winter (even though you should!), but now that it is getting warmer, you’ll really need to incorporate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. If you have been wearing sunscreen all winter (extra skincare brownie points for you!), you’ll want to hike up your SPF rating. The earth is physically closer to the sun during warmer months, meaning UV rays are stronger and more damaging. The PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 is a great choice because it is hydrating but also contains a higher SPF. If you have oily skin, try the PREVENTION+ daily matte moisturizer SPF 32 to prevent shine while keeping skin hydrated and protected from harmful rays.

Bottom Line

Any transition from season to season requires that you go gently. Introducing too many new products or ingredients might give your skin a bit of a shock. Visit your Esthetician so they can make recommendations that are a perfect fit for your skin and lifestyle.

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